e-WD aims to make a sustainable impact on African economies by supporting the growth of small enterprises and promoting the development of exceptional leaders.


e-WD was established in 2004 to make a sustainable difference in the communities of Africa and South Africa

e-WD Founder Betsy Ings is an internationally accredited programme provider and facilitator to various United Nations organisations. Her passion for community progress began with the establishment of South Africa’s very first training academy for commercial fishers in 1999. Since then, Siyaloba Training Academy (a social development organisation founded by Ings) has empowered thousands of fishers across South Africa.

Engaging with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) highlighted a gap in the market to address the wider needs of the communities that Ings experienced while building Siyaloba and helping fishing communities.

Ings’ developmental work has been acknowledged by many prestigious awards, including the Business Women’s Association of South Africa (BWASA) National Business Achievers Award for Social Entrepreneurship, Royal Rotary Club (Port Elizabeth) Meritorious Service Award, and Business Partners Certificate of Recognition Honouring Exceptional Achievement.

But awards are not what e-WD is all about… The organisation is all about ‘DELIVERING SOCIAL VALUE’. We do this by s
peaking up for and listening to the voice of the vulnerable; empowering especially young and female entrepreneurs to make informed decisions that enrich their livelihoods and their family’s futures; and making a positive contribution to the life of someone else.

A passion for upliftment and advocacy is what excites us. Opportunities, networking and partnerships are what have informed and empowered us.

We coach and empower small businesses from all sectors.

Partner with us to make a difference.