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Meet Our Team

Betsy Ings

Founder & Managing Director

Betsy Ings

Our Women Entrepreneurship Specialist and ETD Associate is a Master Trainer, HR Practitioner and trainer of facilitators in all industries and an experienced ETD Internal Auditor.

Betsy Ings is also a seasoned Facilitator and Advocate for Women Entrepreneur Development and Leadership.

She is a certified ILO WEDGE Programme Trainer and Trainer-Assessor-Moderator of Business Edge IFC SA.

Betsy is an internationally accredited programme provider to various United Nations organisations and a facilitator of women development and leadership. She is an internationally accredited programme provider to various United Nations organisations, a facilitator of Women Entrepreneur Development and Leadership and an International Labour Organisation (ILO) Women Entrepreneur and Community Development Specialist. Betsy is also an ILO Master Trainer in Social Enterprise Development

Laetitia Oosthuizen

OD-ETD Practitioner

Laetitia Nienaber-Oosthuizen

Our Quality Assurance and Corporate Governance Associate is an OD-ETD Practitioner and External Moderator for Service Seta, and registered as SDF with FASSET. Laetitia Nienaber-Oosthuizen is a Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Her main activities align to Women Entrepreneur Development; Project Management; Partner and Network Mobilisation; Community Coordination for upliftment and enterprise development; Facilitation; Mentoring and Coaching; Advocacy Awareness and Capacity Building.

Asha Naran

Qualified Designer

Asha Naran

Asha Naran is our qualified designer and skilled creative.
Asha is our time and space creator, she creatively co-ordinates the internal process and captures the essence of the progress of our interactions.
Intuitively creating space for the team to be, creative, effective, efficient and impactful.


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