Additional Services

Enterprise development

  • Enterprise (commercialisation)
  • Value chain development
  • Development and execution of commissioned Enterprise Development Programmes
  • Focus area development of the growth-orientated women, youth and social entrepreneurs

Socio-economic change

  • Creating sustainable social enterprises
  • Facilitating the generation of sustainable social business ideas and plans
  • Capacity building to facilitate sustainability for existing social enterprises

Project management

  • Design and execution of development and empowerment programmes
  • Design and execution of socio-economic programmes
  • Monitoring and value realisation management of strategic programmes

Partner & network mobilisation

  • Creating and managing strategic linkages in order to maximise funder investment and sustainability of the entrepreneur
  • Establishing support platforms
  • Nurturing post-project sustainability

Advocacy awareness & capacity building

  • Empowering economically sustainable social enterprises
  • Review and provide assistance with blended funding business models
  • Skills and business structure analysis

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