6 11, 2018

Northern Cape entrepreneurs receive training

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A Certification ceremony was held in Kimberley for a group of 15 aspiring women entrepreneurs who received small business development training over a period of six months. The training was provided by eWatchDog in partnership with the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA).

27 08, 2018

Determined to be part of solution

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Long before she started e-WD in 2004, Betsy Ings had a passion for empowering women and entrepreneurs from vulnerable communities – and soon, she hopes to take this passion to the rest of the African continent. e-WD’s holistic empowerment formula for entrepreneurs, specifically women and youth, combines multi-level training, coaching and mentoring. Read more in The Herald, 27 August 2018.

27 05, 2018

Business Advice and Opinion

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Supplier development and diversity is a major tool that can enable hope for entrepreneurs, which aligns with our National Development Plan (NDP), writes e-WD Founder Betsy Ings. BETSY INGS – FOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR What is the conundrum we are trying to address to keep the hope of SMMEs alive? Indeed, it is the importance of supplier development through [...]

27 05, 2018

The Supply Chain Development Conundrum

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The subject top of mind for entrepreneurs at present seems to be how to hook the big customer; they request help to ‘get in’ with the big companies and onto their database. This is the hope inside of most SMMEs in South Africa at present. Betsy Ings unpacks this in the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber's Infocom, Edition 1 [...]

5 05, 2018

SMMEs inspire the hope we so badly need as an economy

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Oprah Winfrey believes a mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. As a business mentor this is imperative, since it speaks to the purpose of your relationship with the entrepreneur. The subject top of the mind for entrepreneurs at present seems to be how to hook the big customer – [...]