SMALL businesses are not only an empowering tool, but also a vital chain in our economy. We employ the most people, we pay taxes and we contribute to the fibre of society. However, being in business is hard work. We have to have staying power and work strategically.

It’s a Marathon

I compare business with participating in a race. As entrepreneurs we are running a marathon, not a 100 m sprint. It requires regular preparation for a long journey. We need to be equipped with knowledge to move continuously, otherwise we will be disqualified. Yes, we all want to win, but we are not competing against each other; we are running our own race, at our own pace, with our own purpose.

Get Inspired

We will have doubts during the race, but we will get over the hurdle because of the encouragement of the achievement of others. We are witnesses of others running the race before us and with us. Let them motivate you to greater heights. Read the inspiring book “I am a freaking genius. Why is this business so hard?” by Mike Campion.

Discard Small Distractions

We have to dispose of the things that hinder and distract us on this race. Regularly review the causes of non-delivery or losses. Don’t be scared to question the reasons until you have found the root cause.

Choose Focus

South African athlete, Wayde van Niekerk, currently world record holder in the 400 metres is testimony of the importance of focus. He had to let go of different distance races to concentrate on the 400 m only to achieve great heights. You cannot be good at everything – choose your focus or core business. Don’t let poor decision making threaten your success.

Remain Relevant

We have to remain relevant – always on top of what is happening in our respective industry –  and responsive to the needs of customers. We live in a highly competitive environment with customers looking for convenient solutions that will provide maximum return on investment.

Betsy Ings